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  1. Beth's Family Thanksgiving UA (Originally original but not any more)
  2. Family of Fun MFSon Daughter UA
  3. A Gaggle of Wee Daughters UA M/ggg
  4. Incest Classics - Mum's Discovery - by ermberto
  5. Jami's surprises, 2
  6. Mr Fosters Way UA
  7. Little Odessa by FertileMind ( UA, pedo, incest, drug, group, gang, etc!)
  8. Incest Classics - My first fuck with Mom
  9. When the Cats Away by Preteen Pleasures UA
  10. Uncle Jack UA
  11. The Flesh (Sci-Fi, MF)
  12. Laura's Discovery - Peephole
  13. ADAM AND EVE AND THE ALMOST WEDDING [original] (Mf, Fm, fm, incest, humor)
  14. What Happens on Deployment STAYS on Deployment
  15. The winner of the "Bad sex in literature" award is...
  16. The Dare Game with Dad
  17. an old clasic by Frank McCoy (inc,UA,preg)
  18. The Dare Game with Dad 2
  19. Holiday Repost: SANTAíS HELPER [ORIGINAL] UA, M+f, fantasy?, preg?, incest
  20. The Dare Game with Dad: My Wedding Day
  21. My Daughters Sharon + Alice (UA)
  22. Incest Classics - Only A Mother Could Love
  23. Baby Cakes by Preteen Pleasures VERY UA
  24. BLOCKBUSTER by Preteen Pleasures UA 10 & 13
  26. Does anybody have audio stories?
  27. In your sister (Inc, UA,preg,cons,) another classic from the McCoy archives.
  28. Can I cum in her? (Inc,Cons, M/f Impregnation) more from the McCoy Archives
  29. Can I Cum, Too (M/f, U/A Inc, Cons, Impregnation) another gift fron the McCoy archive
  30. Welcome to the McCoy Institute of Family Love !
  31. Teaching Little Lisa(Inc.extr UA,Mg) another gift from the Mcoy Institute
  32. "The Reformed Child-Abuser" (Mf, cons, teen, incest,SPOOF) From the McCoy Institute
  33. Playing adult games with Little Sister(inc,bgg,UA,Preg) from the McCoy Institute
  34. Backrubs(Inc, bg, UA,Preg?) from the McCoy Institute
  35. Alternate Methods (Inc,UA, Mg,Preg) from the McCoy Institute
  36. Testing ... 1 ... 2 ... 3. another gift from the McCoy Institute
  37. The McCoy Institute brings you... "The Inspector"(Inc,UA,M/ggg,Preg)
  38. Dirty Little Sister - Expanded and Re-written
  39. FUX News, We Report, You Masturbate! By FertileMind (Satire, Spoof, Pedo)
  40. Happy New Years Mom, 2012
  41. Perverted Memories aunt/nephew
  42. Lawyers (Mf,inc,pedo,preg,cons) from the McCoy Institue
  43. Dave
  44. The McCoy Institute brings you... "7"(Inc,UA,M/g, Preg)
  45. The McCoy Institute brings you... "Don't Tease"(Inc,UA,M/g,b/g)
  46. "The Facts of Life" (inc, M/g,preg) Another treat from the McCoy Institute
  47. " A Little Knowledge" (Inc, UA,M/f,impreg) a lesson from the McCoy Institute
  48. A Teenaged Boy's Fantasy (Inc,UA,m/ffgg,M/g,Preg, humor) from the McCoy Institute
  49. There are none so blind ....(Inc,UA,Mg,Preg?) Brought to you by The McCoy Institute
  50. A Religious Experience (Randydaughter original)
  51. One of most "erotic" pedo stories what I red and I red many of them.
  52. The Sex Jackers by FertileMind Pedo,Incest,Group,Drugs,Underage
  53. Perverted memories redone aunt/nephew
  54. Mommy for a day
  55. Doc Savage's Zipped Stories: The Birthday Present
  56. Doc Savage's Zipped Stories: "Appearances"
  57. Amanda's Sex Education (Original) - New Stroke Story (UA, ff, mf, Unsafe, Impreg)
  58. More stories like this please. Mom/son (ua) but son in teens.
  59. Pati PT Fuck Toy by leslliams Mg UA
  60. The Dirty Old Man by LolitaXXX UA
  61. Face Painting M/f UA plus Abe's Birthday Party
  62. Doc Savage - Unzipped - from his story collection: Daddy, Please...
  63. Mom Caught Me
  64. The Teacher (F/m)
  65. Taking Mom
  66. The Dare Game 3
  67. looking for a story
  68. Real-my cousin staying night with sister
  69. Dad's Fishing Trip
  70. The Dare Game 4
  71. Independence Day Father/daughter
  72. Enjoying Their First Time Swapping by Charlie the Drifter
  73. Doc Savage - Unzipped - from his story collection: Taking My Wife's Advice
  74. doc savage stories
  75. Health/Sex Eduaction Class
  76. Rewrite A mother's Love
  78. Jamie & Elly (UA)
  79. From the archives of the McCoy Institute of family Love..."Taking Chances" M/f, Inc
  80. The McCoy Institue proudly presents...."'Practicing' with my little sister" m/f,inc
  81. "Spoiled" M/ff, inc, preg? Brought to you by The McCoy Institue of Family Love.
  82. The McCoy Institute brings you..."Learning" M/ff, Inc,Preg? .... Enjoy!
  83. Another Classic from the vaults at the McCoy Institue.."Patience" m/f, inc, preg?
  84. What Jami really wanted
  85. Text-to-Speech?
  86. The Dare Game 6 - Project: Sister
  87. The Dare Game 7 - Project: Sister
  88. The cure(M/S)
  89. "Jacking off in your little sister"(m/f, UA Inc Preg?) From the McCoy Institute.
  90. " The Birthday Present"(U/A, M/g,inc,preg) From the archives of the McCoy Institute
  91. Family Care UA
  92. " A Bedroom Scene"(UA,M/ff,inc,preg?) from the McCoy Institute of Family Love
  93. " Little Girls need it too." (M/f,Inc,UA, Preg) From the McCoy Institute archives
  94. "My Little Sister"(UA, m/ffff,Preg,Inc) From the McCoy Institute of Family Love
  95. Frank McCoy Archive
  96. Incest Classics - Taboo by btraven
  97. Mindy-stepfather daughter-mom asleep
  98. Incest Classics - Mommie's Boy by Norm DePloom
  99. Sharing Lindsey by FertileMind "Caution, Very Young, Pedo, Incest, Extreme"
  100. At the Hot Pool
  101. Mom is submissive to son(req)
  102. More Doc Savage's Zipped Stories: Consent
  103. links for d/s
  104. Pest control
  105. This is too good not to share with IT
  106. <Original Story> "The Bet" Original UA(teens) Bro/sis
  107. Is Mother Son, I liked it and sharing it.
  108. Mother son audio request
  109. And Mother Makes Her Children by RRS
  110. <original story> "The life" INC, Bro Sis, Preg ----Sequel to "The Bet"
  111. "The End of the World" UA, inc, m/Fffff, preg, Post apocalyptic
  112. That Spring - an 'edger's' paradise!
  113. Deutsch / germany
  114. The Toy Store (ua, m/ggg)
  115. Saturday with The Pervs
  116. Big book of incest
  117. A Letter To My Brother (UA)
  118. A Teacher Teaches More Than Math
  119. I Couldn't Help It
  120. Incest starts at home: Teaching the youngins'
  121. The teenage boy next door
  122. pervs.r.us stories
  123. Tristian Spyce (family Incest,Sissy,Gay,Stright, Group) Just started
  124. Looking for a lost Story - PLEASE
  125. Educating Alisha
  126. How I Raped Your Mother - A Porn Parody - A D69 Original
  127. He Made A Woman Of His Sister Daughters
  128. Jami and her friend, pt. one
  129. Neighborhood Moms (by request)
  130. Jami and her friend, pt. two
  131. An Unexpected Turn (Gay father-son) (Original)
  132. Brother who wanted to have sex with sister
  133. She Wanted Me To Babysit Her
  134. She Watched And Learned At Their Party
  135. Kathy Andrews, Pee Princess and the greatest author ever.
  136. Audio Story - Daddy Goes to Daughter's Bedroom (ORIGINAL) D/d, UA
  137. Audio Story - All Me (MF, MMMF, FF, K9, DOM/sub) (ORIGINAL)
  138. Audio Story - Blackmailing a Naughty Teenage Boy (F/m, DOMME)
  139. Audio Story - Happy Birthday Son (M/s)
  140. Audio Story - I Meet a Woman (F/F)
  141. Audio Story - Mommy and Adult Son (M/S)
  142. Audio Story - Playing With My Domme Side (F/M, Domme)
  143. Audio Story - Son and Friend Force Mommy (M/S/Male, Inc, Pregnancy) (ORIGINAL)
  144. Audio Story - Train Blow Job (M/F, Stranger, Lingerie) (ORIGINAL)
  145. Audio Story - Voyeur Moves In Next Door (M/F, Voyeur) (ORIGINAL)
  146. Jess Grows Up
  147. deutsch ua geschichten/german ua storys
  148. What Will You Do For Better Grades
  149. A Father Enjoys His Own Two Daughters
  150. Making things even
  151. Links to My Audio Stories - Third Time is the Charm???
  152. Homeschooled
  153. Helping My Young Neighbor
  154. Tom and Lea (U/A)
  155. Tales from Hunter
  156. A truly great U/A story but I lost it
  157. Looking for a story U/A
  158. Search for (UA) stories sites any advice
  159. Birthday at last
  160. Birthday, part two
  161. Elizabeth's Fantasy
  162. Their Different Life Style
  163. Enjoying His Daughters Young Friend
  164. Enjoying Sex Young
  165. Having To Stay After Class And School
  166. Enjoying His Daughter Granddaughter
  167. The Return of aloeMan200
  168. Their Mother His Wife Started It
  169. Their Different Life Style
  170. Giving A Mother In Law A Special Gift
  171. Time For Daughter To Be Bred
  172. Kids For Rent (M/gg UA)
  173. Daddyís Baby In Her Now Married Tummy
  174. Preparing A Husband For The Family Reunion
  175. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Deleted Scene
  176. Over Hearing Her Daddy And Uncle
  177. Please help me find...
  178. Educating Her Own Young Virginal Son
  179. She Didnít Understand Her Sexual Desire
  180. Thank You Teacher For Teaching Me
  181. The Guarantee(inc, U/A, bro/sis, preg) An Erotic Story from the McCoy Institue
  182. Helping big brother An Erotic Story
  183. Mother's Day An Erotic Story
  184. My Sister Drinks It An Erotic Story
  185. Babys first words..WARNING: UA content F/g, F/F/g, extreme, squirting
  186. Honeymoon Activity And Desires
  187. Original - First Story - Motor home Family Fun
  188. They Didnít Know They Had Been Used
  189. Jane's Family Fun
  190. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Deleted Scene
  191. H D I L (Hot Daughter-In-Law)
  192. The Drive In another story by Penchair
  193. Babys first words Part II (WARNING: UA, M/F/g, extreme, squirting
  194. a mother son story requested by a member
  195. Girl Milk - Ch. 1-4
  196. [ORIGINAL] Helping out my son [M/s]
  197. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Deleted Scene
  198. Momís Disappointment, Sonís Enjoyment by Leon22
  199. New story. Backyard Campout
  200. Waiting Up by johnnyfever©
  201. The Life of Annie - FD UA Preg
  202. Best Story Ever. (not mine)
  203. Five Years of Lust: Part 2 - Chris
  204. Nikkie and Me (UA)
  205. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Deleted Scene
  206. Malcolm's Lucky Day Ch.1 (Warning - Pedo, Extreme, Very Young, Incest, Interracial)
  207. this site s so hott !
  208. Looking for -- and POSTED below -- Mom's Hot Nature by Kathy Andrews
  209. A Bed Big Enough - (MF/g+, extreme-ped, inc)
  210. The Deflowering of Mary (Ectract from The Romance of Lust)
  211. When Mothers Join For Sex
  212. Their Husband Father Not Interested In Sex
  213. Enjoying theNext Door Neighbor and Daughter
  214. The Teacher Was Taught His Own Lesson
  215. This Family Stays And Plays Together
  216. The Counts Story (Extract from The Romance of Lust)
  217. Summer Vacation at my Aunt's (F/b, pedo)
  218. Suche bestimmte deutsche Geschichte
  219. His birthday Gift From His Wife
  220. Enticed By His Two Young Students
  221. Caught By The Teacher
  222. The Accident that Changed our Lives (UA)
  223. Like Daughter Like Mother
  224. camping m/s
  225. Eric's oral family
  226. A Daughter Enjoys Being Sexually Used
  227. Its a voyeurs and exhibitionists world
  228. Their Loving Home Life
  229. They Were Glad They Had Been Drugged
  230. Mama Is My Daddy Your Daddy Too
  231. I Didnít Know Who She Was
  232. They Will Pay Until You Pay what You Owe
  233. Girlfriend's Daughter (M,F,f)
  234. Having Her and Her Mamaís Little Sister
  235. They Forcibly Took Her Young Virginity
  236. Her Mama Made Her A Real Slut
  237. The Night They Enjoyed Mama And Daddy
  238. Just Days Before Her Wedding
  239. Requests for Stories or Titles of Stories (July 4, 2012 to Present)
  240. She Let Her Husband Watch Her
  241. Village Brides [ Original Story}
  242. When Mama And Daughter Are Sisters
  243. Daddy's Little Girls by Red Rose
  244. He Knew His Family Of Girls Well
  245. The Incest Merry Go Round by Jethro Shiloh (UA but not under 13)
  246. Fourteen Years In Exile [Original]
  247. A Daughter Finds Out Mama Is Also Her Sister
  248. Finally Learning What A Wife Wants
  249. "Little Beth" by Ammoun.
  250. Kayís Home Movie (M+/g; F+/g; M+/b; F+/b; bi; inc; VERY UA)