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glory hole fun

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I am a life long cock sucker. I have always loved sucking stanger's cocks through glory holes. Today I was hot to suck some dick so I went to my favorite adult video arcade hoping the action would be good. I handed the $10 admission to the cute young lady behind the counter. She stamped my hand and with a sweet smile said, "Have fun." She buzzed me in. I stepped into the dimly lit arcade waiting just a minute for my eyes to adjust. I could see two guys just hanging around. The sound of porn videos was emitting from several of the booths. I entered an empty booth and latched the door. I stripped off my shorts and t shirt and sat down naked in a plastic chair. I changed the channel till I found some gay porn. It didn't take long before I heard someone enter the next booth. I watched with anticipation through the glory hole as he unzipped and pulled his hard cock and balls out. His dick was about 6 inches and thick. I put my fingers through the hole and signaled. He put just the head of his thick cock in the hole. A big drop of pre cum was oozing from the head. With the tip of my tounge I licked it. He put his cock and balls all the way through the the hole. I gently rubbed and sucked his balls then slurped and sucked that thick dick like mad. After a few minutes he blew a load of warm slippery cum in my hot mouth. I savored it then swollowed hard like the cock sucking man whore I am. I stood up and put my dick through the hole hoping he would suck me but I heard him zip up and leave. I sat back down and watched some more of the hot man to man action on the screen still enjoying the taste of cum. Before long l heard someone enter the next booth. This was shaping up to be a pretty goid day. More to cum.
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