gay incest

  1. 13lss
    I have to be honest, for me gay family incest was one of the greatest things ever. we cared about each other so there were feelings, the excitement of having sex without some adults knowing was awesome, and being able to suck my dad at any time I wanted as long as no one was around was unreal, not to mention aside from tasting his dick and feeling it grow in my wouth and hands, jacking him off and hearing and feeling and watching him cum was priceless, I so loved to make daddy cum, I remember when we first started and I had gotten use to making him cum, he jacked off and came in my pulled back underware, a wore them all day and loved feeling the wetness every chance I got I would sneak off and pull my pants down and run my hands through his cum and masterbate like crazy, if he were still alive today I would still be sucking him every chance I had
  2. petGirl
    You should so sweet My brother and daddy are still as close. your a great inspiration!
  3. 13lss
    WOW ! thank you
  4. slomo2
    nice. I never had it so good.
  5. dann
    Hi, I secretly hate sex with my cousen he slept deeply, he has merged nothing!! that's a long time ago
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