Anal Incest

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  1. ccmoan
    Hi group, twice i have been rather close to anal incest with my Daddy but i never really had the opportunity to feel Him really going deep inside. The first time i was still to tight to host even a small part of His big cock so He had to come into my panties instead. And the second time some years later He used a lot of K-Y to lube my love hole so He could insert His glans into me but still He was to big to take me as the sissy gurl i desperately would have loved to be taken. That's why i began to practise with BIG dildoes (indeed Mommy's first but then my own) but after this He never tried it again ... and silly me has been much to shy to ask Him about it... So what could i have done instead of using my dildoes and dreaming about Daddy?
  2. ccmoan
    ... oh, i forgot to say: in Germany anal incest is NOT against the law! So as long as there is no vaginal penetration with real cock and no rape and of cause no minors are involved any Daddy is allowed to fuck His real daughter - sissy or female - and shoot his cum right into her on a regular basis. And of cause every son is allowed to fuck his own Mother's and every brother his sister's ass ... not to tell all the wonderful combinations with a strap-on where the vaginal usage is allowed too...

    It's just to sad that this is a taboo in public so in most cases you won't ever hear about relationships of this kind ;)
  3. NorwayMom
    It can be great, and it can be bad.
  4. angel
    i've had anal sex with both my dad and my brother and to be honest i loved it
  5. analena
    i love anal with my daddy
  6. fuck my mom
    fuck my mom
    I have fantasized about my mom and my sis, but never done anything.
  7. WMButtSlutt
    2. Do not represent yourself as having sex with a minor currently or in the past. Do not relate past experience as a minor having sex with an adult. All underage true experiences are not permitted. Minor is anyone under 18yo.
  8. DoctorNorm
    I had anal sex with my brother a long time ago. While I'm happily married, I've been known to succumb to the temptation now and then. My wife has used a strap-on on me, and she's very understanding of my needs.
  9. IncestLover123
    I've only done it a few times but i did do it with my brother when he was 9 I was 12 in the shower.
  10. funwitmum
    Just got hooked up with anal last night. Me and my mom are really into it and try to do it at least once a week, usually more.
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