The Incesttaboo Family

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  1. acus48
    I am fairly new to the site, I would love to portray the role of uncle to anyone who wants to have some fun. My yahoo id is acus60@yahoo.com. You can also contact me here via PM
  2. wildmom
    hi im a 30 yr old mom i had fun with my father while i was younger..
  3. gpv
    I am 44...

    Role: Young brother, son, cousin
    Interests/turnons: Love to be taught, guided, shown.
    Turnoffs: Force, agressiveness, pain

    Yahoo: wheelc
  4. marcus1231
    im 18, young lookin, good lookin, i have cam, and i will play role of brother, cusin, son, grandson, and im looking for, mom, sister,.cousin,grandma,grandpa,dad,brother,uncle
  5. saintjoe
    Hello, all! I'm a SWBHM, 44yo, currently living in southern FL. I stand 5'10", have dark brown curly hair, dark brown eyes, broad shoulders, a big chest and back, a muscular build. I have a wide variety of interests, including books, massage, movies, music and yoga. I consider myself a complete perv, very much into taboo, especially incest. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing more intense or pure than family sex. I've had experiences of my own and love to hear about those of others. I'm definitely looking for like-minded friends and hopefully a long-term commitment. If you're interested, get in touch with me at rhlidice1941@yahoo.com.
  6. mominseamedstockings
    37yr old mom/wife......yahoo mominseamedstockings
  7. verytaboo
    46 year old male upstate NY very.tabo0@yahoo.com
  8. verytaboo
    very.taboo@yahoo.com 46 yo mwm from upstate NY
  9. dadnson
    Hi, everyone. I live in San Francisco, 34 years old, avid nudist, extremely open-minded, love traveling, music, yoga and meeting like minded incest lovers. I have had past sexual encounters with 2 sisters, one male cousin and one female cousin. I think family love is truly a beautiful thing. I'm bi-curious. My role is son, brother, cousin. My interest are Daddies, brothers, cousins and sisters, families (nudist families a+). naturistfred@gmail.com
  10. billrichards116
    I'm a very fit and endowed grandpa - multigenerational incestor. From childhood to current. Have been (or am currently) in real life, over the years, the following in family affairs: grandson, son, dad, uncle, grandpa, brother (this one is ongoing and very heated after decades - it is a lifetime affair...very secret but the most fulfilling in every way of my life). I am on best behavior for this posting. Much more "earthy" in actuality - much more.
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