with family and/or friends

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  1. amy_1988s
    does anyone masturbate with family and/or friends...after my mom, brother and I started going nude at home, it was masturbating in front of each other that lead to use doing alot more together.
  2. voyuer
    very nice that you can have family to play with. I would like to do the same with my cousin.
  3. picante
    love to mutually masturbate generally, but if it also involves talking about intergenerational sex, all the better, though I cum sooner; lol
  4. grandpalong
    I have an Aunt and uncle I used to masturbate with. We would all start and when one was ready to cum the other would take over and make them cum. Either by giving head or fucking while the other one would masturbate and cum while watching us. I have a girlfriend that I see on weekends and we start off playing with our selves. she likes to watch me shoot my cum all over myself. I love to eat her out rright after she cums. Sometimes I spread vanilla pudding all over her pussy while I eat her out. She also pours maple syrup all over my hard cock and then licks it off while she sucks my cock.....mmmm she makes me cum so damm hard. have you tried this?
  5. niniach
    i m doing it with my friends while my dad peeking on us, knowing who is watching couses an orgasm chain on me
  6. voyuer
    My friend and I use to look at Penthouse mags, or what ever we could get our hands on and J/O and suck one another. But that was when we were very, very young. That is a long story. If you would like to her about it let me know.
  7. critter68
    I used to J/O with a friend but then we started to get into some other things. that was when I was younger and couldn't get a girl. I still miss it sometime so I guess i'm bi
  8. xtremelover
  9. IndyBiDad
    Nothing wrong with being Bi ,critter................
  10. loveitsmooth
    Voyuer, when do we get to hear your story?
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